Identifying Learning Opportunities Through Financial Analysis

(Article initially published through ASTD Links Newsletter January 2013) Underlying every business concern is a fundamental question all leaders ask, “What do we need to do better?” Ultimately, corporate survival depends on how well they can answer this question. At first glance this appears as a non-threatening question but it is a challenge to answer... Continue Reading →

Return on Expectations: 7 Critical Flaws that Undermine Training Effectiveness

(This article is originally published by June 13, 2012 So, here we go again with another problematic methodology called “return on expectations” (ROE). Just when training professionals are in damage control with the disappointment of “training ROI,” out of the woodwork, comes another “quick-fix” and repackaged methodology trying to demonstrate training impact on... Continue Reading →

Training ROI? What’s That All About!

As a certified management accountant, I can appreciate the eye rolling from senior stakeholders about how trainers believe they can measure ROI on training initiatives. The problem is that "Training ROI" proponents (and let's now include the "Training ROE" people) think that they can convince business trained professionals that these theories actually hold water. It... Continue Reading →

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