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Post-Conference Meltdown…Why Training Professionals Don’t Apply What They Learn?

Ajay M. Pangarkar and Teresa Kirkwood

So…it’s been just over one week since the “mother” of all workplace learning conferences took place. The ASTD International Conference and Expo (or as the regulars know it, ICE) is the leading and largest conference in the training space.

This is not to take away the great efforts placed by other conferences (most of them I enjoy) but ICE is IT! ICE attracts the largest number of WLP professional and specialists from around the world…up to 10,000 participants at times. It also invites the most innovative and leading speakers to conduct workshops and concurrent sessions…including yours truly! Read the rest of this entry »


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Training ROI? What’s That All About!

As a certified management accountant, I can appreciate the eye rolling from senior stakeholders about how trainers believe they can measure ROI on training initiatives. The problem is that “Training ROI” proponents (and let’s now include the “Training ROE” people) think that they can convince business trained professionals that these theories actually hold water. Read the rest of this entry »

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Getting a Winning Attitude: Lessons From an NBA Player

Originally published by Training March 7, 2012

I admit that I don’t closely follow basketball or sports in general but you had to be living on another planet not to hear about the recent feats of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. Lin literally went from a bench-warming third-string point guard to household name and international star in a matter of weeks.

The overnight success of an unknown and initially undervalued NBA player is an incredible “Cinderella” story but it raises questions for both managers and employees alike. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rules of Engagement: 3 Ways to Gain Employees Commitment

Employee engagement is the “holy grail” for managers. It’s described in a variety of ways but is generally defined as when employees fully invested emotionally, mentally, and physically, so they are focused on achieving the organization’s objectives. Getting people to commit is an elusive aspect to managing people that is as easily obtained, as it is lost. And the feeling is the same for employees where from one day to the next commitment is gained or gone in an instant. Read the rest of this entry »

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See Ajay at ASTD ICE 2012!

Ajay will be hosting two session at ASTD ICE 2012 (Denver, Co.). Join him for:

  • Building Business Skills to Empower Trainers and the Training Function, May 5 (Half day workshop: 8:30am-12:00pm)
  • THE ROI LIE! Debunking the Misrepresentation of Training Evaluation (Tuesday May 8, 2012, TU322)

For more information please visit:

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A Perfect Workplace “Storm” is Forming…

The perfect storm is forming in the workplace if it hasn’t occurred already. Employees are coping with an unpredictable economy, increasing personal debt-levels and taxes, daily gridlock, over-worked, under paid, and facing precarious employment conditions. It’s safe to say that the anger threshold is very high and volatile. Read the rest of this entry »

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